Marta Cabanas

Head of Enterprise, Fuckup Nights

Speaker Bio

With over eight years of experience in the event industry, I am passionate about creating and delivering impactful events that showcase the power of failure stories and foster a culture of authenticity and vulnerability in the corporate world. As the Head of Enterprise at Fuckup Nights Global, I lead a team of professionals who work with partners across different sectors and regions to design and execute events that inspire, educate, and connect audiences.

In addition, I have developed an exclusive storytelling masterclass for Fuckup Nights speakers where I train leaders and directors of the largest companies in the world to present with confidence and honesty. I also regularly moderate events and workshops, participate in panel discussions, and write blog posts on topics related to failure culture, storytelling, and public speaking. I enjoy sharing my insights and expertise with others and collaborating with like-minded professionals who believe in the value of learning from failure.