University Spin-Off Hub

Celebrating academic innovation

Recognising the pivotal role that universities and research centres play in propelling new thinking and inventions, here we showcase their impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

Join us as we spotlight the exceptional spin-offs emerging from top global academic centres, which turn groundbreaking innovations into business success.

Programme highlights for 2024

  • Networking

  • Speed dating

  • Pitch battle

  • Dedicated exhibition area

University Spin-Off topics

  • Technology transfers

  • Universities in the age of AI

  • Creativity in research

  • New avenues in EdTech

Meet 2023’s EdTech pitch battle winner
Kokoro Kids

An innovative educational app designed by experts in neurodevelopment. It nurtures the cognitive and emotional growth of young children, providing highly personalised learning that adapts to the abilities and pace of each child.

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