Founders Summit - Launch


Wed, 28 Feb: 10:00 - 11:45 CEST

Open to All


Earth Stage, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres

Session Description

This session brings in a series of interactive talks providing hands-on tips to lay strong foundations for your early-stage venture. Our expert speakers will share their experience through some of the critical areas for founders launching a business. Learn how to validate your product, attract early customers, set up your initial team and some tips to have your finances in order. 


10:00 - 10:24   :   Concept validation: Paving the way to PMF

Dive into interactive discussions and practical exercises that guide you through the critical process of validating your business concept. Acquire the skills to navigate the early stages of product development, ensuring you lay a strong foundation for future success.

- Ivan Landabaso, Partner, JME Ventures


10:24 - 10:44   :   Finance 101: Mind your investment readiness

Join us to gain hands-on insights into enhancing your investment readiness, equipping you with the tools to implement strategic financial decisions in your daily startup operations.

- Imogen Mulliner, Vice President, Sapphire Ventures


10:44 - 11:04   :   Setting the foundations of your team

Learn practical advice on assembling, managing, and motivating a cohesive team, essential for navigating the challenges of the startup landscape.

- Consuelo Rebolledo, People Operations Manager, Mobile World Capital Barcelona


11:04 - 11:24   :   Early BizDev & Partnerships

Navigate the landscape of early business development and partnerships in this insightful session and discover actionable strategies to forge meaningful partnerships that drive growth.

- Vincent  Jong, VP of Product, Dealfront


11:24 - 11:45   :   Handling failure and bumps in the road

Failure is an inevitable part of the startup journey, but it's also a powerful teacher. Learn practical approaches to overcome challenges, turn failures into opportunities, and build a resilient mindset crucial for long-term success.

- Marta Cabanas, Enterprise Manager, Fuckup Nights

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