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Fintech has rapidly become a cornerstone of business and society. It’s both vital to the operation of many industries, while also creating challenges – such as the growth cryptocurrency. Join us as we explore the transformational impact that emerging technologies will continue to have – on the management, accessibility and everyday use of financial services.

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What’s Happening?

Monday 28th February is the Fintech day at 4YFN. Understand the direction of finance and where technology will guide it. We bring together key thinkers, influencers and disruptors to analyse the trends and forecasts. Learn, network and discover the best startups.

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Decentralised Finance is shaking up the global financial system like few times in history – providing news ways to borrow, save, invest, trade, and more. So join the DeFiers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community to explore the opportunities and challenges. Hot topics will include financial inclusion, compliance & regulations, DeFi maturity, adoption and trading.



The age of non-fungible tokens is upon us and its impact has already reverberated across industries. Join us to discuss the opportunities and challenges. Discover the different marketplaces and ecosystems. And explore how industry players are empowering artists and storytellers in this brave new world – aligning fans with talent, content and brands.



Fintech Programme Agenda

Exhibition Itinerary, Agenda and Networking Activities coming soon.

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