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2022 promises to be a year for massive healthcare investment – with post-crisis strategies implemented by governments, healthcare providers and insurers. What’s more, advances in AI, machine learning, cloud computing, HPC, blockchain and AR/VR are helping to deliver more predictive, preventive and personalised healthcare – along with better access. Join us to see where these exciting breakthroughs can take us – and where the big opportunities lie. 

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What’s happening?

On Wednesday 2nd March is all about health at 4YFN. Largescale recovery funding provides the scope for major advances in the coming years – providing exciting opportunities for big corporates, as well as start-ups and scale-ups. We look at three key areas – discussing how this investment should be used and where the big innovation will happen.

Digital Health and Wellness Summit 22

Highlighted Content

Health data

Health Data

Data platforms, AI and analytics are changing the landscape of personalised medicine. We analyse the governance, privacy and trust issues that need to be considered for healthcare to maximise the potential of technology.

Hospital of the future

Hospital of the Future

Opportunities abound for smarter, more universally accessible healthcare. Our experts look at what’s around the corner for the digital hospital, EHR, telemedicine and mobile health – as well as how robotics, more advanced medical imaging and patient experience design are creating an exciting picture of the future.

Resilience and Rocovery

Resilience & Recovery

The pandemic shook the medical world and pushed every global healthcare system to its limits. We discuss how countries can be better prepared for public health crises. Where should revovery funding be spent? And how can smarter, healthier cities improve prevention and wellbeing? Join us to find out.

Digital Health Agenda

Exhibition Itinerary, Agenda and Networking Activities coming soon.

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