Lemko is a US-based Mobile Edge Computing pioneer. Since our debut in 2004, we've revolutionized telecom with software that powers the world's first 1-layer, flat cellular network – slashing costs and supercharging efficiency.
Come check out our Wi5G private network solution. It’s simple, speedy, and secure, making it ideal for IoT, Push-To-Talk, digital workers, and all of your Industry 4.0 business initiatives. From the icy terrains of Alaska to the heart of Africa, Lemko's 5G systems conquer the unconquerable. With 50+ patents in 5G technology and 28 in Mobile Edge Computing, we're not just pioneers; we're inventors.
At MWC 2024, Lemko is excited to unveil MEC Networks as a Service (NaaS). Chat with us at the Illinois State Pavilion – connectivity deserves to be extraordinary!