Logate is a company providing core network functions for software-defined Telecoms implementing CNFs and/or VNFs. We specialize in developing: AAA Platform, PCF, PCRF, Subscriber and Profile Repository (SPR) and WiFi Captive Services. They are developed as cloud-native, using open-source technologies, and are compliant with 3GPP standards. They can be deployed for all access technologies (DSL, FTTH, Wireless, 3G/4G/5G, hybrid - FMC) and services like Voice Over Wi-Fi.

OpenProvider Core Network Functions are designed to be completely horizontally scalable to support the growth of telcos, and support geo-redundancy, with ability to be deployed in N+1 data centers in active-active mode.
These solution advantages offer redundancy, stability and system availability beyond five nines, to support any telco operations and/or strategic goals.