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Cellnex is a leading provider of neutral wireless telecommunications and broadcast infrastructure, enabling operators to access Europe’s most extensive network of advanced telecoms infrastructure under sharing arrangements so helping lower barriers for new entrants and improve services to more remote communities.

Cellnex manages a portfolio of around 135,000 sites —including forecast roll-outs up to 2030– in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

Cellnex's business is structured in four major areas: telecommunications infrastructure services; audiovisual broadcasting networks, security and emergency service networks and solutions for smart urban infrastructure and services management.

The company is listed on the continuous market of the Spanish stock exchange and is part of the selective IBEX 35 and EuroStoxx 100 indices. It is also present in the main sustainability indexes, such as CDP, Sustainalytics, FTSE4Good and MSCI.