Silvia Rivela

Founder, Rivela, Unveiling the Tech Ecosystem Video Podcast

Speaker Bio

I believe in the power of communities and technology to transform the world we live in into a better place”

I am an architect and artist by education, a sociologist by vocation and innovation, and a tech vanguard freak by career. I fell in love with innovation, and technology 10 years ago when I became an entrepreneur working in business transformation as a Workplace Consultant, Future of Work specialist to study how to apply technologies to transform how we work and live. 

Four years ago, I became a woman in tech Activist creating several initiatives to support early-stage founders in Spanish. 

The most recent, is the video podcast ¨Rivela, Unveiling the Tech Ecosystem¨ to close the gap between technology and society through interviewing those women in STEAM careers changing the world with their projects.

People connector, moderator, podcaster, curious, diver, snowboarder, role player, music lover and bad dancer. One of the professionals selected by Forbes for the 23 most creative ideas to explode in the 2023 list, January 2023.

Tireless Explorer and Digital Nomad: in 2021 lived working and traveling the Canary Islands from my camper van, developing my project ̈8 months, 8 islands ̈

Last but not least, I lived in 5 different countries: Spain, Italy, Switzerland, USA, and Brazil.

Architect specialized in business transformation. Workplace consultant, Future of Work. Master in Strategic Design of Spaces for Innovation and IE Executive MBA. Training in group facilitation by the IIFACE.