Gautam Hazari

Chief Technology Officer, Sekura.ID

Speaker Bio

I am a technology enthusiast and a futurist & the Chief Technology Officer of Sekura.ID, the global leader for mobile identity services. We provide Identity verification, fraud management, authentication and security services using the insights and signals from the mobile network operators and mobile devices, adding intelligence through machine learning models. I absolutely believe in humanising of the technological world and am very passionate about this. I work with mobile operators around the world and with industry players on mobile identity and hold patents on Identity and access control. I led the implementation of the mobile identity initiative – Mobile Connect in around 60 mobile operators across 30 countries while I was in GSMA, inventing mobile number verification for the industry.

I have also been advisor to startups in digital identity, healthcare, Internet of Things and Fraud and Security management. I recently did a TEDx talk to share my dream of a world without passwords and am the author of several blogs and articles on the humanisation of technology, including metaverse, web3 and IoT. I am a thought leader for digital identity, advocating solving the identity crisis in the digital world and I speak on making the digital world a safer place.