Gregory Duconge


Speaker Bio

As the CEO of Vulog, Gregory Duconge leads one of the world's most prominent providers of shared mobility technology, bringing positive change globally with sustainable, inclusive mobility solutions.

Vulog is renowned for its cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, empowering businesses to launch, manage, and scale their mobility services efficiently. Under Gregory's leadership, Vulog has become a key player in driving the future of sustainable mobility, supporting clients across the globe in launching successful carsharing, counter-less rental and subscription operations.

Before taking the helm at Vulog, Gregory played instrumental roles in several high-growth companies, where he led initiatives that significantly accelerated their expansion and market impact. His journey at Vulog began by transforming the company from a startup into a global leader, making a profound impact on the mobility ecosystem.

Away from work, Gregory enjoys family life and has a keen interest in technology and sustainable living.