Francesc Fajula

CEO, Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Speaker Bio

Francesc Fajula is the general manager of Mobile World Capital Barcelona since July 2022. He is considered a pioneer of the digital industry in Spain. With more than twenty years of experience in the sector, Fajula has developed his career in large corporations such as Terra, Banesto, Grupo Santander, Banco Sabadell and Dominion Global.
His professional career starts as Terra's E-Commerce director, leading the creation of the first marketplace that he expanded to an international level. Afterward, Fajula worked as director of Innovation and Digital Strategy at the Santander Group, expanding Smartbank and all the bank's apps. He also created entrepreneurship programs and an accelerator in San Francisco sponsored by Santander, ICEX and Later, he continued his career at Banco Sabadell as director of Digital Transformation and Innovation.
During his last stage, he has been general manager of Financial Services at Dominion Global. Fajula has wide experience in promoting technology, both in large-scale innovation projects and in accelerating start-ups and promoting young talent.