Barnabas Takacs

Head of R&D, Special Projects, FFP Productions (XReco)

Speaker Bio

Barnabas Takacs, Ph.D. has over 25+ years of experience in R&D, managing innovation, and bringing new technologies to the marketplace. He was a Hollywood pioneer in building the first Virtual Humans for film and entertainment and later he developed the Virtual Human Interface (VHI) for real-time interactive graphics. Subsequently, he was involved in several start-ups developing a diverse range of products such as MMW radars for aviation (WaveBand), Digital Art & Image Editing (Digital Custom), VR for health care (VirMed), Panoramic Broadcasting technology (PanoCAST), and using AI/Deep Learning Neural Nets, Computer Graphics, as well as 3D modeling/Animation tools to create stunning results in traditional and interactive experiences alike. 


With over 75+ scientific publications he balances academia with production and industrial projects, while always looking for new ways to solve hard and challenging problems to turn them "production-ready". Since 2004 he has been involved as a Consultant to the European Union in multiple framework programmes both as a reviewer as well as participating in cutting-edge research projects. Most recently his research focused on Multi-View Generative AI, NeRFS, and 3D Gaussian Splatting techniques. 


Specialties: AI Deep Learning, Generative AI, Virtual- and Augmented reality (XR),  Immersive Media, 3D CGI & human modeling, Face Recognition & analysis, Facial Animation, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Image Understanding, Computer Vision, Real-time Computer Graphics (VHI & Unity3D)