Andrzej Ochocki

Head of Identity Management, Chair GSMA EIG, Deutsche Telekom AG

Speaker Bio

Andrzej leads the Digital Identity activities in Deutsche Telekom Group, which includes design, build and operation of the Identity cloudified common production infrastructure and software, DT’s Group Identity products and services development for 3rd Parties as well as related support of the national companies.
Andrzej serves also as a Chairman of the GSMA European Identity Group and is actively engaged in Industry collaboration and positioning Telco’s assets for trusted Identity ecosystems, incl. emerging ones like the EU ID.
He started at Deutsche Telekom Group in 1996 and has served in various engineering and leadership roles, both in Technology as well as in Business areas. Through his many assignments, Andrzej brings strong leadership and key experiences in to deliver at scale advanced Identity and Network APIs technologies as well as innovative products and services with speed and agility.
Andrzej has a MBA degree from the University of Minnesota as well as MSc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. He lives in Bonn Germany, is married and has two sons.