Fotis Gonidis

Digital Health Product Lead, Gnomon Informatics S.A.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Fotis Gonidis serves as the Digital Health Product Lead at Gnomon Informatics S.A., where he focuses on e-Health and spearheads the creation of digital health products and services geared towards fostering healthy aging and facilitating the effective management of chronic diseases. Furthermore, Fotis’ goal is to guide the healthcare organizations to fully leverage the advantages of digital health transformation. This involves introducing innovative health services to patients, enhancing patient outcomes, and achieving cost efficiency by automating their processes and workflows.


In line with this vision eHealthPassTM , the flagship product of Gnomon Informatics S.A., facilitates remote monitoring, digital therapeutics, and chronic disease management. eHealthPassTM empowers patients and supports healthcare professionals in the treatment process, fosters collaboration between patients and doctors, and streamlines health data management and interoperability.