Investors Club

4YFN offers a host of areas for you to create a meaningful sponsorship package, helping you achieve your marketing goals and reach your target. Only active investors are welcome to join the Investors Club.

a group of members, men and women around a table within the 4yfn investors club discussing startups and marketing goals
4yfn investors club networking area

With over 1000 members, representing different investor profiles, investment ranges and interests, our network provides opportunities during the 4YFN flagship events as well as throughout the year for investors to discover startups of interest, showcase their portfolio startups and network with fellow investors to discuss and assess co-investment opportunities.




Business Angels

Access Quality Deal Flow

We provide members with access to high quality deal flow through a large global database of startups that participate in our events and activities, including our flagship event – 4YFN at MWC Barcelona.

Investor member around a table, a man greating another man investors with a hand shake to discuss
two men hand shaking

Develop Co-Investment Partnerships

4YFN Investors Club is an exclusive group where investors share and discuss opportunities, as well as become involved in activities organised by 4YFN and MWC.

Present Your Portfolio

Every investor in the club is invited to present to the rest of its members, a selection of promising startups that are looking to reach their next stage. The objectives are to facilitate deals between investors across industries and markets, expand investment horizons.

A male Investor in the club presenting to rest of it members on stage
investors club sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities

Discover our sponsorhips and products for investors! Interested in sponsoring activities at 4YFN? Access to a private meeting space in one of our events?

Important Information

Who is the Investors Club for?

If you are looking for investment opportunities with promising startups in the mobile and digital sectors then 4YFN investors club is the place for you. We welcome different investors profiles including business angel, VC, CVCs and others.

How to become a member?

To become a member, fill in the application form below with as many details as you can! Following submission, a member of the 4YFN team may contact you to discuss your application. If you comply with our entry conditions, you will receive an acceptance email.

Is the application form confidential

The information you provide us will not be made public unless you authorise us to do so in the future. Please note that during 4YFN events, exhibiting startups will receive the names of attending investment entities, excluding their contact details.

I have a startup, can I become member of the Investors Club?

Startup founders are kindly invited to sign up to our startup list which offers tailored opportunities. We warmly invite you to ask some of your investors to apply to our Investors Club.