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Community is powerful. We support organisations and enablers that build communities to help startups and founders, fuel entrepreneurship and drive innovation.

We believe in the power of community!

“Congratulations to the entire 4YFN team for these 10 years empowering startups!! At BStartup, Spain’s pioneering financial partner for startups, we have grown together with you during these 10 years and we are extremely proud to have been your partner since the day you embarked on this amazing adventure and also of all you have achieved so far. You’re awesome!”

Yolanda Pérez
BStartup Director, Banco Sabadell
*About the 4YFN Community*

About the 4YFN Community

It’s a network of international organisations representing digital startups and entrepreneurs around the globe. Our members include accelerators, incubators, innovation and tech hubs, co-working spaces, entrepreneurial communities and others. It's here to enhance the flow of opportunities to the startups in our networks and harness the power of community to propel innovation forward.

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