Community Club

Community Club

Be part of 4YFN global network of +100 enablers representing over 75.000 startups worldwide and get a tailored experience at 4YFN 2023.

Connect with the best tech-communities world-wide

Join our community for communities to expand your network far beyond your city or your country, to become part of a greater international ecosystem and plug in to one of the world’s biggest innovation platforms.

Connect with the best tech-communities world-wide

Who is the Community Club for?

4YFN Communities Club is for all projects, institutions and companies with the mission of empowering entrepreneurship and innovation. This club is specifically conceived for tech hubs, accelerators/incubators, tech events, institutions, coworking spaces and universities..

4YFN Communities Club
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Why should you become a member?

Get the most out of our tailored experience at 4YFN Barcelona. We´ll help you connect with other tech communities in order to exchange ideas, find fruitful synergies and enhance your business.

“A “Community of Communities” offering resources and meaningful connections that empower each other is what 4YFN Community Club is all about. I love it how so many different people and organizations from the international ecosystem are brought together sharing the same goals. It’s your chance to truly connect and bring some of the online interactions into the physical world.”

Eva Bandelj, Head of Innovation Ecosystem at Startupbootcamp

“Everyone attends events in order to get relevant and valuable connections, but we all know how hard it can be. Usually, from all the people you will meet at the event only 5-10% will be qualitative ones. Nevertheless, when it comes to 4YFN it is definitely not the case. 4YFN Community club creates a concentrated hub of community players from all over the world, who connect through designed activities and community space not only at the event but online ongoingly. We 100% recommend it”

Sasha Lipman, Co-Founder at tech2impact