7 Perfect Reasons to Hit Up 4YFN LA This October

There are a million good reasons to join 4YFN in LA this year, whether you are a local startup wanting to spread your wings internationally or an overseas investors looking for a foothold in the US market. Warm weather, Hollywood

The New Era of Work is Defined by Flexibility

The nature of work is changing. The centralised office setup of the past is swiftly being supplanted by a decentralised workforce more familiar with flexibility than the strict office culture that defined the decades leading up to the 90s. The

A community for communities: why we launched the 4YFN Community Club

We are all aware of the importance of building a community. Communities help us to build and grow. Today, they are the expression of our networked world. They allow individual entrepreneurs and startups to be greater than the sum of their

Joaquin Palacios

Sónar+D Kicks Off Groundbreaking Collaboration with 4YFN and GSMA MWC

Sónar+D Kicks Off Groundbreaking Collaboration with 4YFN and GSMA MWC Last Wednesday marked the kick off of the exciting new collaboration between two behemoth entities that have become institutions of Barcelona’s business and cultural fabric. At Sónar+D, the industry side

Pitch for Purpose Winner Fantine to Turn Supply Chain into Blockchain

Chain of custody for commodities is a major headache. For everything from timber to palm oil, from coffee beans to cobalt – tracing the source of the ingredients that fuel modern life is notoriously difficult.

4YFN’s Fourth Shanghai Show Delivers Success

4YFN Shanghai 2019 was the fourth outing of the event in Shanghai, realising its four year ambition to scale and grow in the Chinese market.

RefundMe Could Help Tourists Reclaim Billions in Unclaimed VAT

This year’s 4YFN Shanghai Awards brought together an impressive group of startups from around the world to battle it out to be named the show’s top startup.

Lenovo’s Former CSO Shares Her Big Bets for 4 Years from Now

Lenovo is world’s largest manufacturer of PCs so we are incredibly proud to welcome Lenovo’s former Chief Strategy Officer Janet Tang to the 4YFN Stage. Who better to talk to us about corporate innovation than the head of strategy for

Congratulations to the finalists of the 4YFN Shanghai Awards!

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s 4YFN Shanghai Awards. This year we have selected five finalists who will pitch to a panel of investors live on stage at 14:00 on 28 June in Shanghai.

Going Full Fintech at 4YFN Shanghai

As the fintech sector has matured in recent years, it has given rise to some serious challenger digital banks and remittance services, spawning a new generation of unicorns taking on the financial system.

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