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GSMA Intelligence brings to life the latest trends, analytics, forecasts and deep dives about issues that create an impact within the mobile and communications industries. The team comprises over 30 of the industry’s brightest – across a wide range of expertise – harvesting data from every mobile operator, network and MVNO worldwide, all in order to drive the most accurate insights and forecasts. With over 150 reports annually, topped with custom research, it’s clear why hundreds of operators, solution suppliers, and industry players rely on the team for the latest technology developments and trends.

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“… Their timeliness and comprehensiveness have played a great role in lessening our effort and time to benchmark other companies in the industry – and improved our productivity.”

Chief Strategy & Program Management Officer, Ethio Telecom

The Mobile Economy 2022

The annual Global Mobile Economy Report reveals continued momentum in 5G adoption, with the total number of 5G connections expected to reach 1 billion in 2022, as usage is rapidly growing in pioneer markets. As 5G adoption accelerates in leading markets, 4G begins to decline from a peak of 58% in 2021 down to 55% of total connections by 2025. But 4G still has room to grow in most developing markets.

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The Mobile Economy 2021

5G is now available in every region of the world and will account for over a fifth of total mobile connections by 2025. Meanwhile, 4G still has significant headroom for growth, especially in developing regions. Adoption of the technology is expected to peak at just under 60% by 2023 as 5G begins to gain traction in new markets.


GSMA Intelligence’s flagship report

Smart manufacturing: 5G engineers the future of IoT

5G is shaping the future of IoT. In this report, GSMA Intelligence explores the benefits 5G brings to the manufacturing sector in terms of latency, density, reliability and security, the role of private networks, the different deployment models available and the industry players eyeing the opportunity ahead.


Network Transformation 2021

100 Network Operators share their strategic agendas for secure, open 5G & 6G networks.

GSMA Intelligence conducted a survey of 100+ operators from around the world to understand their network transformation strategies and priorities. With new market demand focusing on energy efficiency and security, coupled with diverse network innovations such as virtual RAN, open RAN and edge networking, operators' decisions, investments plans, technology and suppliers’ priorities for 5G & 6G have never been so important.

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