Connecting Startups

4 Years From Now [4YFN] is the startup business platform that enables startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together. Collectively, we are successfully strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Throughout the year, 4YFN offers a series of unique initiatives for the growing global tech startup community including networking activities, workshops, and events. With the support of public and private institutions, we are transforming business relationships, creating an open platform for discovery and creation.

The highlight event of 4YFN takes place at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, the largest gathering for the mobile industry.

We Connect

We build, empower and boost connections between Barcelona’s tech ecosystem and international tech hubs

We Inspire

We believe knowledge is the key to development, so we aim to broaden your mind

We Ignite

We discover and highlight innovation and technology leaders, in order to give birth to disruptive and innovative ways to understand and do business


We support startups by providing founders and teams with educational and financial resources, whilst highlighting talent and boosting their network. 4YFN’s programmes and events give startups in its community access to top-notch content, an international network of contacts, and infinite business opportunities.


4YFN helps investors to connect with other investors from different international markets, while discovering together the most promising startups from each ecosystem. We build an exclusive platform for investors to share co-investment projects and increase their deal flow.


4YFN helps corporations to innovate in collaboration with a global ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs. We bridge the gap between corporations and startups and help them to approach innovation with a shared vision in order to co-create products and services. We organise competitions, hackathons, conferences and meet-ups…