The Motion

After winning the 4YFN awards, TheMotion has many things in motion, not just their videos!

As winners of the ‘Digital Media’ category during the 4YFN Barcelona Awards at Mobile World Congress last February, we caught up with TheMotion, a Spanish video ads startup to see what the past year has entailed for them.

With Facebook already accounting for more than 100 million viewed hours of video per day, it highlights just how much video advertising is a format that is currently generating huge amounts of engagement.

Therefore, we were desperate to find out what kind of engagement TheMotion has received since winning the award and if the video advertising industry really is taking off big time for them. We spoke with Iñigo Vega, the Co-Founder and CEO of TheMotion to find out more…

Tell us a bit about your startup:

TheMotion’s “award-winning” platform turns static images and product information into custom video ads that highlight a company’s unique values and brand identity.


What initially encouraged you to participate in the competition?

We have participated at the 4YFN event for the past two editions as we see it as a great opportunity to network at a high-level and meet with like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators.

We decided to apply to the 4YFN award last year as we felt that our solution was in line with the Digital Media category and believed we had a good chance of making it as a finalist.


You didn’t just make it as a finalist, you won! As the winner of the Digital Media category, what words of encouragement would you give to other entrepreneurs that have applied? Any tips on how to prepare a successful pitch?

My advice would just be…. do your best to connect – even emotionally, if possible – with your audience. The initial hook really makes the difference.

During pitch sessions and competitions it can be really hard for the audience to maintain a high level of attention. Make sure you hook them right from the start so it’s more likely that they stay engaged. If you have a good story for them, of course they will continue to listen!

Besides this, pitching is a great way for you to validate and understand if you have all the right tools in place to tell your story and to make sure it is clear to the outside world. It offers a great opportunity to step away from the inside of the company and reflect on how you can really capture your audience’s attention.  


So what has happened for TheMotion since winning the award?

A lot has happened for TheMotion in the past few months! First of all, Facebook selected us to be an official Facebook and Instagram marketing partner. We recently launched a brand new product, Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook. We are the only Spanish partner in the “creative platforms” category.

We also hit a significant milestone by reaching 100 customers, which we have now surpassed as we continue to grow.  Most of our current customers are global companies that are using our platform to create Dynamic Video Ads to improve their sales across the entire funnel.  

Further to this, we made many other interesting connections from being present at 4YFN, however I am not able to disclose this information just yet as things are still “in motion”.

I can say that we received some fantastic visibility in the press due to winning the award! For example, we were mentioned by top local media companies such as El Mundo, DiarioAbierto, InnovaSpain and El Referente.

The overall experience has been amazing and I would encourage anyone that thinks they have a good solution to a problem in today’s world, to submit it to 4YFN as you could be up on stage next February and reaping the rewards for months or even years afterwards!  


The 4YFN Barcelona Awards are open for applications for 4YFN at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018, so if you have a solution that you think is worth shouting about, then apply today! You could be one of 10 finalists to exhibit during the three day event and battle it out on stage to get global exposure! Apply now!

4YFN at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018 takes place from 26-28 February 2018 at Fira Montjuic, Barcelona.