May 2019 Startup of the month: Zero 2 Infinity

Zero 2 Infinity’s mission is to simplify access to Space through innovative solutions. The space transportation company is currently offering access to near space in Europe through its running business line: ELEVATE. The company has been carrying payloads up to 500kg with a variety of purposes: scientific, commercial and academic.

With operations based in Spain, ELEVATE by Zero 2 Infinity offers a fully reliable and functional platform to take payloads several times higher than where airplanes fly and has performed more than 40 successful flight campaigns for major clients in the aerospace industry, commercial and academic institutions.

The accumulated years of expertise have led the company to develop other innovative projects that include the development of a small satellite launcher vehicle (BLOOSTAR) and a pressurized pod for space tourism and research (BLOON).

Zero 2 Infinity wants to offer a complete access experience to space by providing a game-changing architecture, flexibility, frequency and affordability to governments, industry, academic, scientific and commercial players.

Z2I is now looking to raise a series B round of €6.000.000 in order to:

  • Expand the commercial reach of ELEVATE’s business line by performing more flight campaigns per year and nourishing its activity with human and material resources
  • Continue with the development of BLOOSTAR by building and flying more advanced demonstrators and to test more systems of the vehicle

As the access to space demand is currently increasing, the company’s patented solutions As demand for access to space is increasing, the company’s patented solutions represent a game-changing approach to enable the flourishing of whole new industries. Companies from around the world are trusting Z2I to launch their payloads, the total worth of Letters of Intent received is over €1B, demonstrating the scale of interest and opportunity.


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