barcelona building construmat 4yfn

Time for the foundations of the construction sector to be shaken up by 4YFN!

On 23rd May 2017, Fira de Barcelona will open its doors for its 20th edition of BBConstrumat, an international construction exhibition that lasts for 4 full days.

We interviewed Ione Ruete, Director of BBConstrumat to hear her vision on the current major trends, how the industry has evolved over two decades and why 4YFN is an important addition to the event this year. Here is what she had to say…..

“In order to help overcome the enormous impact of the current economic crisis, BBConstrumat brings together leading industry experts from the construction sector to connect and discover new solutions.

In its 20th edition, the trade-show has opted for a new model:

‘….highlight the latest technology trends and innovative products’

We aim to attract international projects, which will highlight the latest technology trends and innovative products to encourage further digitisation and the introduction of new technologies within the industry.

The  four major areas present this year at Construmat, are:

  • the Industry Arena – a large exhibition hall,
  • the Future Arena – an area dedicated exclusively to innovation,
  • the Talks Arena – the main congress and debating area;
  • the Meetings Arena – an area reserved specifically for networking.

Over these 4 days, Hall 2 of the Gran Via venue in Fira de Barcelona will be showcasing a newly emerging sector.

This year, we are also extremely excited about the presence and participation of 4YFN at BBConstrumat as it highlights the direction in which the sector is currently heading.

‘…..the perfect atmosphere’

The combined wealth of startup experience provided by 4YFN and the framework provided by the show will create the perfect atmosphere for the success of this initiative. Even though it is early days, we hope to repeat this in future editions as it is imperative that the industry evolves along with the technology supporting it.

BBConstrumat is fundamental for the socio-economic development of Barcelona and of Catalonia as a whole.

Since its first edition in 1979, the event has always supported the sector through advancing certain trends, revealing new technologies and generally showing its strength.

‘….helps to measure the state of the Spanish construction sector as a whole’

Construmat, being a well-established event within its industry helps to measure the state of the Spanish construction sector as a whole.

Due to this, it has had to adapt to every moment where necessary. It is, therefore, logical and normal for Barcelona Building Construmat to have evolved in the same way that the sector has done so, and hence, the change has been considerable over the years.

The construction sector is immersed in a great technological revolution in all ways and processes. For example, Building Information Modeling (BIM), will be one of the great protagonists of the 21st Century within the construction industry, along with the ease of connectivity these days, thanks to the internet of things, 3D printing, virtual reality and intelligent materials.

We are therefore pleased to announce that the venue will provide to our visitors, more than 2,000 square meters purely dedicated to innovation in an unparalleled event across Europe.

Within the Future Arena, we want to highlight today’s innovative products, currently on the market with the help of established companies, the innovation of tomorrow, with the presence of pioneering startups, and the most advanced innovation, with the presence of universities and technology centers.

In this area, new business ideas within a sector that has great potential for improvement will be announced thanks to the digitisation and the introduction of new technologies. Startups participating in BBConstrumat will hopefully find their perfect ecosystem.

In this edition, several agreements have arrived that we are extremely happy about which will in turn, make the event more attractive to our visitors. Additionally, the European BIM Summit has modified its dates and will hold their framework during the dates of BBConstrumat.

Another achievement to note is the week of architecture has also modified the dates in which it is normally celebrated, to coincide with our event, and thanks to the co-organisation with the Catalan School of Architects, Barcelona City Council, Promotion of Arts and Design, Mies van Foundation Der Rohe and Barcelona Building Construmat, we are working on a programme of activities (urban interventions, cinema cycles, architectural and engineering routes, workshops, exhibitions, …) around the city to bring architecture, design and construction to our citizens.

These new alliances and collaborations fill us with pride and make us re-affirm that the edition of BBConstrumat 2017 will be a huge success.”

4YFN Building Innovation Village at Barcelona Building Construmat takes place in Barcelona from 23-26 May 2017.
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