Startup of the month July: Skyx

Skyx is an agricultural-robotics technology company enabling a modular swarm of autonomous drones for spraying.

We named our solution PASS: Precision Agriculture Spraying Swarm, and this includes our proprietary building blocks:

  • Pre-flight: Spraying mission planning. This compiles optional information about the terrain, crops, pesticides, imagery, and machinery to determine the optimal planning. This is done for both uniform coverage and hotspots spraying
  • In-flight: Auto piloting, real-time monitoring, and control. We turn planning to autonomous action
  • Post flight: Data aggregation, analysis, and reporting


We serve agri-spraying applicators and large growers as our customers. We sell consumption-based software credits (we call it “pay per spray”). Each credit enables another 100 Ha of spraying. Since we don’t manufacture drones and don’t fly them – it is easy for our customers to consider our automation technology as their “engine” or “driving” cost.

The company was founded by Eylon Sorek and Dr. Itzik Turkel, developed its initial prototype and commercial traction, accelerated at MassChallenge and IMPACT, and completed its first funding round from Rimonim Agriculture VC and Israel Innovation Authority.

Signing our second equity-based funding round is expected at 3Q 2018. This will speed up our commercialization in our strategic markets and will strengthen our engineering resources.



Contact info:

Eylon Sorek, Skyx Founder and CEO