Yinwei Chen_4yfn

Yinwei Chen 陈胤玮

Bonzun 口袋孕育

Yinwei is co-founder and COO of Bonzun. Graduated from East China Normal University, she was analyst in Accenture but quit her job to join Bonzun in 2013. Now Bonzun is the Best Women Startups and Top 25 G-startups worldwide


Bonzun is started to eradicate preventable pregnancy and infant deaths resulting from a lack of information. Bonzun gives women access to information and research, in the palm of their hands, that will help them understand their symptoms, establish whether they should be concerned and aims to put their minds at rest. For women without any access to health care our app can be a life changer.

Since our work has a huge impact on maternal and child health we work closely with all major Chinese and International health organizations, including WHO, Unicef, and Chinese Maternal and Child Association.