Lucas Rondez

Lucas Rondez




nihub Innovation Center


Lucas Rondez, from Switzerland, is currently the CEO of nihub Innovation Center and Vice President of Hangzhou Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Lucas has lived in Hangzhou since 2005. His life as an entrepreneur started in 2015 when he registered an internet technology company, leading a team to develop NiHao APP, a platform for foreigners living in China. Lucas then went on to found nihub Innovation Center, a services platform for foreign entrepreneurs in China. Through investment and operational services, Lucas and the nihub team work everyday to facilitate foreign innovation in China and bridge the gap between western and foreign markets.

At nihub, Lucas and his team have successfully landed 26 of 196 overseas high-quality projects, in industries including but not limited to artificial intelligence, big data, biomedical science, semiconductor, and other high-tech fields.

In 2017, Lucas was awarded the title of “Xihu Friendship Award”, “Qianjiang Friendship Award” by Hangzhou City as a typical example of a foreigner starting a business in Hangzhou. In 2018, Lucas also received “Hangzhou’s Honorary Citizen” award.