Eric Miao

Eric Miao


Co-Founder & CEO


Elevoc Technology Co. Ltd.


Eric is the CEO and founder of Elevoc Technology Co., Ltd., an AI company providing DNN-based speech enhancement and voice interaction solutions to multiple industries including smartphones, VoIPs, auto-motives, smart home and wearables, etc. It is the first company to develop and deploy the DNN based speech and background noise separation. Currently, Elevoc has successfully served some key industry players such as Xiaomi, OPPO, ZTE, Blackshark, 51talk, etc.
Eric holds a master degree from University of British Columbia and used to work for IBM and RBC.He started his entrepreneurship in 2014 in Vancouver and founded a start-up specializing in providing software and consulting service. In 2017, he came back to his motherland and founded Elevoc together with other two co-founders who are distinguished scientists and has devoted all their lifework to signal processing and DNN-based speech enhancement. In 2018, Elevoc got its Pre-A round of funding from Xiaomi and Qualcomm venture.