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Czhang Lin




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Shangru Lin (Czhang) graduated as Electrical Engineering from University of Western Ontario in Canada, and further received EMBA degree from Beijing’s Tsinghua University and Insead Business School from Fontainebleau, France. With over 10 years of business operation, Czhang successfully public listed his own family company in Warsaw Stock Exchange (Poland) in 2014, up to now it is still the only Taiwanese origin firms to be listed in Central Eastern Europe. Since 2017 Czhang continued his career in investments sectors. Was part of PreAngel Fund’s Blockchain. PreAngel was Neo’s seed investor back in 2014, also since mid 2017 PreAngel invested more than 70+ blockchain projects. Currently Czhang is Partner at JRR Crypto in charge of Blockchain Ecosystem planning, that includes management and investment. In the same time, Czhang is also an advisor for Asian Isreale Blockchain Association.