4YFN Startup Pitches

Venue: 4YFN Discovery Area, 4YFN Hall (E7)

4YFN Startup Pitches

11:00-12:00 4YFN Investor Club Pitch Session

List of Startups:
Xuzhou Space-time Thought Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., – www.skswai.com
99 Cloud net – http://www.99cloud.net
Summa Networks Spain SL – www.summanetworks.com/
Visual Vertigo Software Technologies – www.shottracerapp.com
emotion3D GmbH – www.emotion3d.ai
Snapscreen Application GmbH
OuMaiGou GmbH

13:00-14:00 4YFN Investor Club Pitch Session

List of Startups:
ClareKnows – www.clareknows.com
Airning Airclaims – www.airning.com
XENIRO – www.xeniro.io
Fudata – www.fudata.cn/
Langogo – www.langogo.ai
For Sports GmbH

14:30-15:30 Mobile World Capital Startup Pitch Session

List of Startups:
Summa Networks – https://www.summanetworks.com/
Nido Robotics – https://www.nidorobotics.com/en/
Viewtinet – https://viewtinet.com
BitPhy – https://bitphy.com
Lúcid Design Agency – https://www.lucid.pro/
ChineSpain – https://www.chinespain.com
EMITE – http://www.emite-ing.com/en/
4YFN Startup Pitches

11:00- 12:00 Shanghai Technology Innovation Center (STIC) Startup Pitch Session
Founded in 1988, Shanghai Technology Innovation Center (STIC) is a non-profitable public science and technology service organization affiliated to Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. STIC is responsible for a series of tech-SMEs policy implementation as well as technology transfer services and incubators coordinating. STIC has played as the supporting organization of STBIA (Shanghai Technology Business Incubation Association), the leading organization of Shanghai IBI (International Business Incubator), the coordinating organization of EEN (Enterprise European Network) East China, the secretariat of AABI (Asian Association of Business Incubation).

List of Startups:
Sample Technology ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. – www.samplesci.com
Lean Intelligence – http://leani.cn/
Southchip Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – http://www.southchip.com/sy
Onsight Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – http://www.yijianar.com/
MoSeeker – www.moseeker.com
XIANGHANG (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. – www.xianghangkeji.com
Bimfoo – www.bimfoo.com

13:00-14:00 Tusstar Startup Pitch Session
Tusstar will select and submit their best startups to participate in 4YFN Startup Pitch, and connecting them with potential investors, industry experts for further communication and fund raising opportunities.
Project focus: IoT, AI,5G, Digital Health, Fintech, VR &AR, and etc.,

List of Startups:
Lorentech – http://www.lorentech.cn/
Nubryte – https://www.nubryte.com/
Flow++ – http://www.flowpp.com/
Shecare – http://www.ikangtai.com/en/home-en
Huali Tech – https://www.huali-tec.com/
OVA VR+EDU – https://ova.ai/
Mobile Internet Limited – https://mailtime.com

15:00-16:00 Momentum Works Startup Pitch Session
As one of the 4YFN Community Partners, Momentum Works selects the top notched startups to the 4YFN Startup Pitch.
Momentum Works builds, scales and manages tech ventures across the emerging world. We combine strategic understanding, execution experience, network of partners, and a great team to make things happen. In addition to building ventures and joint-ventures, we also consult on strategy, venture financing & all areas of operations.

List of Startups:
Wellcode – https://wellcode.com/
Halal Node – https://halalnode.com/
Halal Lifestyle – https://halal-lifestyle.co.id/
Adways China – https://adways.com.cn/
Anantarupa Studios – http://www.anantarupa.com/
Amalan – https://www.amalan.com/id/
Aktivaku – https://aktivaku.com/
Hostel Hunting – https://hostelhunting.com/my/
XUsed – https://app.xused.com/
Skymind – https://skymind.ai/
Twistcode – https://twistcode.com/
4YFN Startup Pitches

10:30- 11:30 4YFN Investor Club Pitch Session

List of Startups:
Datased – www.datased.com
BLESSED MOON – www.blessedmoon.co.kr
Fitpet Co., Ltd – www.global.fitpet.co.kr
MTEG – www.mteg.co.kr/en
Safeware Inc. – www.safeware.co.kr
Clockster LLP
Startup by Mobile World Capital Barcelona

12:00- 13:00 4YFN Investor Club Pitch Session

List of Startups:
Power2go – www.getpower2go.com
Nido Robotics – www.nidorobotics.com/en/
Story & Brothers Co. Ltd. – www.sapiensteam.com
oneCHARGE Solutions Limited – www.onechar.ge
Platfos – www.platfos.com
Startup by Mobile World Capital Barcelona
Startup by Mobile World Capital Barcelona
Startup by Mobile World Capital Barcelona

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