Session Description

Quantum technology is ready for its close-up. With its potential breakthrough innovations in drug discovery, financial modelling, climate change, traffic optimization, machine learning and more, tech giants and investors are investing billions in a race to achieve quantum breakthroughs.


Despite the momentum, some key questions will need to be answered. Apart from the significant technical barriers to include error correction and stability, how much worry is warranted about quantum computing’s future ability to break today’s encryption? How quantum technologies are driving the development of creating radical solutions across the industries? As quantum technologies prepare to make their grand enterprise entrance, how should business leaders proceed?






  • Chad Edwards, Head of Strategy & Product, Quantinuum


Panel Discussion - What’s Next in Quantum in Europe


  • Moderator: Fanny Bouton, Quantum Lead, OVHcloud


Presentation - How Quantum Computing Will Disrupt the Finance Industry and Beyond


  • Sergio Gago Huerta, Managing Director, Quantum Computing, Moody's Analytics


Panel Discussion - Investors’ Insights: Investment Race in Quantum Breakthrough


  • Quantum Flagship


The End