Discovery Programme

What is it about?

4YFN helps corporations and public institutions to detect the most relevant and disruptive startups within a specific industry via a filtering process.

The programme is designed to reveal trends and new business models that could ignite corporate innovation within your company,  as well as introduce new ways of thinking about your business and ultimately launching a new product.

It is the starting point that will encourage cultural change and in turn, bring the Lean Startup Methodology closer to your organisation.

The programme offers entrepreneurs, developers and startups access to technology resources, go-to-market capabilities and general business know-how.

How it works

Ambassadors and investors of our global network, (including technology hubs such as Europe, US, Israel and China) will identify the most pioneering projects and reveal where a particular industry or sector is heading. They will then send their proposed projects to a group of experts to select a short list of approximately 15-20 startups that will go on to present to your company, with the ultimate goal of the winning product having the opportunity to go to market.

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