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Enabling the startup community is our core activity. We create the right moment in the right place to meet up and connect startups, investors and corporates. Discover and test together, share knowledge and experiences, showcase solutions and business proposals, inspire others and get the chance to be inspired in our events.
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Corporate Innovation Programmes

We create open innovation activities where entrepreneurs present their projects to corporations and institutions to potentially become partners. These programmes open up the corporate challenges, data, infrastructures and resources to the 4YFN startup community in order to set up real solutions.

For Corporates and Public Institutions

Challenge Programme

Leverage your assets (data, infrastructure and resources) and through our competition based programme challenge our global startup community to present new solutions to help create and open up potential partnerships and collaborations.

Discovery Programme

4YFN helps corporations and institutions to detect within our global startup community the most relevant startups via a filtering process to identify their potential impact in a specific sector or industry. This programme reveals trends and new business models that could ignite corporate innovation.

Partnership Programme

Get quality connections and brand visibility in the global startup ecosystem. Make a clear statement in the startup culture through our various sponsorship packages. We help you reach a highly targeted audience within the global tech startup ecosystem.
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For Investors

Investors Club

Access quality deal flow, develop co-investment partnerships and present your portfolio to an exclusive international network of fellow investors.

Founders & Investors Activities

We select, manage and coordinate pitching sessions in each of our events. Plus, we create the right place to meet up and connect with top-notch startups. Join our events and get a chance to meet face-to-face with the most talented and solid entrepreneurs in the tech startup ecosystem.
Upcoming Events

For Event Organisers

4YFN Delegation

4YFN gathers startups, investors, corporations and public institutions that identify themselves with 4YFN’s values and who want to participate in order to connect to a particular industry or community. 4YFN organises a local or specific industry ecosystem tour and a series of networking activities to boost interaction among the delegation members and the event’s attendees.

Ideal for small events with a maximum delegation of 18 startups.
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4YFN Village

4YFN creates and produces a dedicated exhibition space to showcase up to 48 startups curated according to the industry your event is focused in. We also select and attract a number of high profile speakers from the startup ecosystem to become part of the event’s official conference programme.

Ideal for medium size events with a total of 48 startups exhibiting in the village space.

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4YFN Innovation Market

4YFN takes over the responsibility to become the official startup brand of any given industry. We provide startup reach out and curation; exhibition design, production and management; creation of an official startup and open innovation track of contents; plus several networking activities to boost business between showcased startups and the event’s attendees.

Suitable for large scale events containing up to 100 startup booths.
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