Rule out the myth of investors!

Let us put an end to the myth of investors straight away. Like you and I, they are just normal people, but with the added desire and interest to hear about all the amazing products you (as startups) build.


Above all, they want to see and feel your passion about entrepreneurship. You have ownership of something very important, never forget that!

So, that said… investors will be everywhere during 4YFN Barcelona! They will be strolling and scanning the talent in the innovation market, they will be sitting next to you in the coffee corner, they will be chilling in the private investors lounge, they will be hosting pitching sessions, they will be participating in the networking programme in the Founders & Investors area, they will be part of the jury during the 4YFN Awards and they are ordering their beer next to you at the bar during the afterwork drinks!

But how can you recognise them and approach them? Unfortunately, they don’t walk around with a sticker glued to their forehead which screams “INVESTOR”, and not all of them like to walk around with their investors badge clearly visible on their chest. Plus, a lot of investors attend from the Mobile World Congress and have nothing like an investor-type mention on their badge. So, how can you spot them?


4YFN gives you some tips!

  1. Search on Twitter for #4YFNinvestors. You will find a broad range of investors announcing their attendance at 4YFN Barcelona 2017! From business angels to VC’s, you’ll find them!
  2. Watch our 4YFN investor selfie video on our Social Media channels and remember their faces!
  3. Richard Muirhead from OpenOcean and Aurore Belfrage from EQT Ventures will host a pitching session on business productivity in the Founders & Investors area. Want to talk to them? Make sure you attend the industry networking session on Wednesday morning.
  4. Looking for InsurTech investors? Mehrdad Piroozam from InsurTech VC hosts a pitching session on Monday afternoon. Go hunt for him in the networking area!
  5. Donna NguyenPhuoc from SPARQ Technology Society and Itamar Novick from Life360 take part in the jury for the IoT Awards on Tuesday and Digital Media Awards on Wednesday. Why don’t you approach them as soon as they walk off stage?


And all other investors? You can find loads of them on our 4YFNetworking app. All exhibiting startups will get a list of investors attending 4YFN Barcelona 2017 prior to the event. So start screening their profiles, do your research and don’t hesitate to connect them directly if you think there is a match!

Psssst, we have a little insider tip! Look out for all people walking around with a black Investors Club bag! We are handing these out at the investors info point close to the private investors lounge. THE place to bump into your next investment round!

4YFN Barcelona 2017 takes place in Barcelona from 27 February – 1 March 2017. If you would like to join us, you can buy your visitor pass here.

See you at 4YFN Barcelona 2017!

4YFN Investors Club