The rise of the robotics: will a robot be YOUR next friend?

Towards the end of 2010, Adele Robots was developed by a group of entrepreneurs who were seeking to improve people’s lives through the use of robotics.

We caught up with the CEO and Founder at Adele Robots, Celestino Álvarez Martinez to further find out about his pioneering robotics startup company and what has brought them back to exhibit time and time again at our events from Barcelona, all the way to Shanghai. Read on to hear Celestino’s story…

“In a nutshell, Adele Robots offers robotic solutions to human problems, using the latest trends in technology and human machine interaction identified by the technological surveillance department.

Focused on finding a formula to integrate robots and AI into society, they generate new ideas and products that increase the quality of people’s lives day in, day out.

“We have the wonderful challenge of getting people to assume robots as friends.”

We have the wonderful challenge of getting people to assume robots as friends. In Adele Robots we want to spread our vision and dreams all over the world so that people can benefit from it in more social terms, such as education.

Robots have been used in education for the last few years proving to be very successful in the development of a student’s’ capacity to learn better and focus more. Pupils stop being passive targets of boring teaching methods and become active learners, showing initiative and willingness to be involved in something as new and exciting as interacting with a robot.

For this reason, Adele Robots has developed an educational robot kit that helps children to learn through robotics from an early age: NEXT robot.

We believe that the 4YFN events are the perfect environment for connecting us, as a startup, to the right people.

“There are amazing startups, entrepreneurs, media and investors attending each and every time.”

We have exhibited twice in Shanghai and once in Barcelona now. There are amazing startups, entrepreneurs, media and investors attending each and every time.

“These events aid a global startup innovation movement!”

These events aid a global startup innovation movement! You can discover world leaders in technology and learn ways to become more disruptive and innovative in order to build new business relationships. So for many of us, they offer great learning experiences.

One of our main challenges this year was to grow our business into new regions. Recently, we launched our expansion into Asia and that is why it was so important for us to exhibit during 4YFN at Mobile World Congress Shanghai earlier this year.

The Chinese robotics market is of huge interest to us due to its volume and rate of growth. We are working hard to break into it and in turn, we are making good progress.

Since the events, we have held meetings and stayed in contact with some startups and investors with whom we had previously met. For example, Accent Systems is a company focused on connecting the world with IoT solutions. We have remained in contact with them as we feel they would be a good match for possible future collaborations, plus being in touch and knowing their needs, helps us to design new relevant projects that could benefit both parties. Undoubtedly, we will move forward the discussion to define future synergies and potential collaborations very soon.

In addition to this, our designs were very well received during the events; some of the companies participating in the Mobile World Congress were interested in our models with the intention of distributing the robots. We have also had the chance to create various beneficial synergy effects for our key product: Fiona. An entire ecosystem designed to accelerate the development of AI, the LEGO of Cognitive Computing!

My advice to other entrepreneurs, looking to exhibit would be… always plan and set up meetings prior to and during the event, because this is an excellent opportunity to unveil your latest developments or products to the people you want to target the most.”


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