Programmes for 2024

Step into an experience at 4YFN24 that’s dedicated to the startup area that interests you the most. With thought leadership, networking opportunities and an exhibition of disruptive innovation focused purely on one industry vertical or strategic space.

This year, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re pumping up our programmes with more interaction, hands-on experience and expert opinion, to help you take a giant leap towards your goals.

Extra sessions, activities and opportunities

Partner Programmes

Partner Programmes

Half-day programmes designed by leading companies in connectivity. Be the first to hear custom-crafted thought leadership sessions, industry insights, company solutions, announcements, product launches and demos.

Pitch battles

The stage that takes you from a megawatt to a gigawatt spotlight

Startups exhibiting at 4YFN24 will already have plenty of exposure. The pitch battles give them the chance to amplify it further, with a thrilling competition judged by a panel of specialised investors. Each programme has its own battle, where the top 5 early-stage companies in that field pitch it out to become the winner.