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We invite you to step up and harness the power of digital innovations to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. Featuring strategic high-level conversations around climate change, impact investing and Diversity in technology, the Tech & Planet Programme is about creating positive outcomes for startups, communities, investors, and the planet. 

What’s happening

Tech & Planet Conference

Monday February 27th will be the big day of the Tech & Planet programme with major impact facilitators driving the conversation around finding a clear path to fulfil the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Earth Room, 4YFN Discovery Area, Hall 8.1

Pitch Battle

Meet the 5 top GreenTech & Impact startups exhibiting at 4YFN23 and watch them pitch on stage to investors to win the title 4YFN 2023 Best Tech & Planet Startup!

Coming up soon!

Exhibition& Networking

Dozens of startups innovating in climate tech, diversity, accessibility and more, await you at 4YFN showfloor, alongside an agenda of curated networking activities bringing you face to face with experts and innovators.

To be announced soon!

Highlighted Content

Impact Forest

Social Awareness

The technological advancements that reduce the environmental impact of most of our lives are critical to tackle both inequalities and environmental impact. Are they enough, though? They are not! We need to combine technological innovations with new social paradigms that empower diversity and inclusion, as well as new business paradigms to reduce the social and environmental costs of our lives.



The science couldn’t be clearer: the business world needs to take on the Climate Fight. We analyse how cross-sector innovations are accelerating the development of a new, carbon-free paradigm – changing the way we travel, eat, dress, and produce. A massive private investment is under way in climate tech with over $50 billion invested over in 2022 Q1–3 per consulting firm PwC.

Impact Investment

Impact Investment 

How can we mobilise more capital towards investments in social and environmental innovations? How can we differentiate ‘impact washing’ from genuinely meaningful projects? And how, ultimately, can we all become Impact investors? We debate these and many other questions to help grow an ecosystem of profitable businesses, making a positive impact. 

Women Innovators Programme 2023- Return of the innovators!

The Women Innovators Programme (WIP) is a partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Arab States and 4YFN. The programme is designed for women-led, digital, and social impact-oriented start-ups in the Arab States. This year, we will have the opportunity to host on stage some of the founders who took part in the programme.

GSMA Mobile for Development present: the GSMA Innovation Fund Portfolio Startups

Within this team, the GSMA Innovation Fund provides equity free grant funding and technical assistance to test digital innovations with positive socio-economic or environmental impact in emerging economies. The goal has been to de-risk innovations, generate learnings and attract further investment.
By partnering with donors such as the UK Foreign Commonwealth Development Organisation (FCDO) and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), we leverage public sector funding to catalyse digital innovation.
Join our networking session to hear about how they are driving impact with digital solutions and their journey to scale.
Philippe Bellordre, Head of the GSMA Innovation Fund, will provide an opening address about how we support digital innovations in emerging markets.


Tech & Planet Conference Agenda

Networking Agenda

Startups and exhibitors