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Explore the Revolution of Sports

Explore how technology is revolutionising performance and commercial opportunities in sports. For the first time, 4YFN gathers key players from multiple fields – including entrepreneurs, athletes and team representatives. We’ll analyse this new relationship between the physical and the digital – and what the future looks like.

Sports Ecosystem Partners

sports ecosystem partners

What’s Happening?

Join us on Thursday 3rd March to learn about the intersection of sports and technology. Hear the latest ideas, strategies and insights from athletes and key leaders in the sports tech industry. Also don’t miss the unique curated networking and demo experience onsite.

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The next frontier for big scale entertainment, E-Sports is firmly on the radar of the professional sports industry. We look at how much E-Sports will shape tomorrow’s sport, what athletes and E-Sports pros can learn from each other, and the new opportunities for the industry as a whole.  

fan experience

Fan Experience

Big sport has always had the ability to attract millions of loyal followers, globally. Today, with fans constantly exploring immersive new digital experiences, we look at how clubs, leagues and competitions can leverage this new technology – and optimise the fan experience.

tech for athletes

Tech for Athletes

Increasingly, top professionals look to technology to find those crucial gains in performance. Join us as we analyse cutting-edge tools – like Computer Vision, IoT, Machine Learning and AI – that help athletes enhance their skills, improve their equipment and push new boundaries.

SportsTech Agenda

Exhibition Itinerary and Networking Activities coming soon.

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