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Discover how Frontier Technologies are reshaping, reinventing and reimagining the boundaries of almost every industry. Join us as we analyse this exciting intersection of emerging technology and their real-world applications – providing solutions for current and future challenges.

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What’s Happening?

Join us on Tuesday 1st March as we analyse how Frontier technologies offer significant advances over technologies currently in use and are transforming industries, cities and society as a whole. Learn from key industry experts, founders, and scientists on their perspectives on some of the industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Highlighted Content

deep materials

Deep Materials

Frontier Materials such as graphene, quantum materials, meta materials and biomimicking materials are on the verge of transforming industries, cities and society as a whole. Our speakers will analyse how and where these building blocks of the future will be used.

quantum technologies

Quantum Technologies

Quantum physics is driving a paradigm shift in technological development – creating radical new solutions across almost every industry from healthcare to manufacturing. We explore how advances in communications, computers and sensors will empower a brighter future.

the metaverse

The Metaverse

As breakthroughs in Augmented and Virtual Reality combine with the global deployment of 5G, the possibilities of the digital universe are exploding. We look at how they’ll transform the way humans work, play and interact – in the real world and beyond.

Frontier Tech Agenda

Exhibition Itinerary and Networking Activities coming soon.

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