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The EdTech Revolution

Educators, schools, universities, governments, and corporations are being faced with a dramatic evolution in the way we learn. The pandemic has accelerated this change, and Education as an industry must catch up in order to help people thrive in the new economy, and in life. Join us as we explore how innovations in technology are facilitating this change, and whether they’re sustainable for future generations.

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What’s Happening?

Join us in the EdTech Area throughout the Event’s 4 days, to be inspired by some of the most influential and innovative education leaders and professionals as they delve into the key topics in EdTech, and explore innovative startups at the forefront of change.

Highlighted Content

Artifical Inteligence

Artificial Intelligence

EdTech, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is transform teaching in schools and classrooms, providing new ways of accessing content and making adaptive learning possible. Voice assistants, cybersecurity solutions, and classroom management tools are also using AI to enhance teachers and enable better learning outcomes.

Cloud Technology and applications

Cloud Technology and applications

The move to online learning has been made possible by Cloud Technology, as students collaborate together to complete projects from anywhere and on any device. Education institutions are now relying on cloud-based applications to deliver enhanced services and support their IT infrastructure, resilience, and security, while preparing for the future of education.

Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous Learning

Schools are increasingly offering Asynchronous Learning models for students of all ages. The ability to complete assignments on their own time teaches students to be flexible and accountable, while freeing up time to get part-time jobs or internships. Asynchronous Learning solutions also offer teachers the opportunity to better manage their students’ learning process and more effectively allocate resources to ensure effective learning.

EdTech Agenda

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