EdTech Programme

Edtech Programme

The EdTech Revolution

Educators, schools, universities, governments and corporations are being faced with a dramatic evolution in the way we learn. The pandemic has accelerated this change, and the education industry must catch up in order to help people thrive in the new economy, and in life. Join us at the EdTech programme as we explore how innovations in education technologies are facilitating this change, and whether they’re sustainable for future generations.

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What’s Happening?

EdTech Zone

Join us in the EdTech Area throughout the events 4 days, to discover great startups and connect to some of the most influential and innovative education leaders and professionals.


On Wednesday, March 1st,  join us on stage as we delve into the key topics in EdTech, and explore innovative startups at the forefront of change.

Pitch Battle

Meet the 5 top EdTech startups exhibiting at 4YFN23 and watch them pitch on stage to investors to win the title 4YFN 2023 Best Edtech Startup!

“Our role as a school is key to defining new entrepreneurial and innovative leadership. In an environment with fewer certainties upon which to base decisions, at Esade, we are working on providing knowledge, tools and solutions to future leaders so that they know how to successfully navigate in contexts increasingly dominated by AI and other disruptive technologies”.

Koldo Echebarria, Esade Director General

Highlighted Content

Artifical Inteligence

The EdTech Industry: Impact, State & Outlook

In a world of changing professions, the global workforce faces the need to update skills that are no longer applicable. As a result, the EdTech industry is growing spectacularly: in the last three years venture funding for education technology solutions has more than tripled and the global education market is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2030. 

Cloud Technology and applications

The role of EdTech in Education Innovation

With the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual environments and other key technologies, our education system are poised for a major overhaul. A more personalized way of teaching is taking central stage, focusing on those human competencies that are unique and valuable assets, and will define future society. 

Asynchronous Learning

Education and Advanced Technologies

Blockchain is already having a profound impact on education systems and certifications. Artificial intelligence is transforming how education is designed and delivered. What other Edtech solutions can simplify, enhance or improve education? How will educators take advantage of these advances to be more effective?