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Diversity and Inclusion has become a core component in the design for our society and our economy. We will explore how best practices, learnings and solutions drive impact and accelerate change. Learn how Diversity and Inclusion are the new currencies of innovation, used by thriving societies to accelerate change for good.

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diversity ecosystem partner

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Join us on Thursday 3rd March and get ready to be inspired by some of the most influential leaders and industry experts in our ecosystem, as they take to the stage to share their solutions for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

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Diversity enables organisations to compete in unpredictable environments that require agility and innovation. And by creating teams comprising of diverse members of different genders, ages, skills and ethnicity, enables organisations and startups to benefit from a wider and more inclusive range of ideas. This also helps to develop solutions that reflect the diversity of society – and in addition, helps to attract the very best talent.

Design for inclusion

Design for Inclusion

Because every design decision should benefit everyone, successful companies design with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. This ensures that the needs of the entire community are met. From physical access to a building, to providing resources for the digital world – good design ensures that individuals can interact and contribute equally, innovating together to shape the future – without barriers.



The rapid growth of digital transformation is impacting organisations, individuals and societies. But to be truly successful, we need to share a unified purpose to build inclusive teams comprising different skills, backgrounds and experiences. Inclusivity and diversity can accelerate true change. And by sharing a joint vision and working together, organisations and individuals can play a greater role in achieving measurable results.

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Exhibition Itinerary and Networking Activities coming soon.

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