A Guide to Seed Stages

What does Series B funding round mean? It’s a good question and people don’t like to ask too much and give away their lack of knowledge. But these are fairly technical terms that unless you are fundraising yourself, you’re unlikely

Startup of the month: Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is a deep tech and cloud infrastructure provider for professional immersive media productions. The immersive media industry is at an early stage of its lifecycle and expected to grow 100x in the next few years.

Investor of the month: Tanja Kufner from

Tanja Kufner is a partner at Porsche subsidiary MHP and heads MHP’s investment and startup division under the brand

Startup of the month August: Submer Technologies

Our “Startup of the month August” is offering to revolutionise the field of cloud providers and data centers. After winning the “Best IoT Startup of the Year Award” at 4YFN Shanghai, the team is soon on its way from Barcelona

Investor of the month August: Alex Mojtahedi, Plug and Play Tech Centre

Our investor of the month represents Plug and Play, known for their contribution to boosting the startup ecosystem in the US and globally as well as directly supporting a staggering number of over 5,000 startups. Plug and Play Los Angeles

5 phenomenal finalists will face the center stage at 4YFN Americas

We are thrilled with the large number of entries received from pioneering startups from across the globe. 4 Years From Now (4YFN) enters the US for the second year running with Mobile World Congress Americas in September, except this time

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