Going Full Fintech at 4YFN Shanghai

As the fintech sector has matured in recent years, it has given rise to some serious challenger digital banks and remittance services, spawning a new generation of unicorns taking on the financial system.

Surcle Promises to Bring ‘Crowd-Engineering’ to 4YFN Shanghai

Bringing electronic hardware products to market is a tough challenge. Sourcing materials and components and finding the physical space to put them together before moving to full-scale production is a persistent problem for hardware development.

4YFN Investor Partner Bets Big on Developing World Mobile

Smart feature phones are a vital tool for bridging the digital divide, bringing affordable internet connectivity to the developing world at a fraction of the cost for a smartphone. It means internet services are more democratically available, to the people

DataSed Will Transport Physical Body into the Digital World at 4YFN Shanghai

The lines between the physical and virtual worlds are blurring. We are increasingly attached to our smartphones and computers, but we still exist in a mainly physical capacity – interacting with the digital space through interfaces like touch screens and

Around Promises AI-Improved Targeting on Social Media

The total number of social media users globally is roughly half the global population. Platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook handle more than 60 billion messages per day, meaning social media is a behemoth of a market, eclipsed only by markets

Shenzen Valley Ventures founder: “We are seeing a sharp rise in the B2B industry”

Funding is the lifeblood of startups. While many startups can grow sustainably on their own, to scale up and reach anything like unicorn proportions, they require investment and lots of it. That is especially true in many B2B and engineering

May 2019 Startup of the month: Zero 2 Infinity

Zero 2 Infinity’s mission is to simplify access to Space through innovative solutions. The space transportation company is currently offering access to near space in Europe through its running business line: ELEVATE. The company has been carrying payloads up to

May 2019 Investor of the month: Caixa Capital Risc

Caixa Capital Risc, the venture capital arm of CriteriaCaixa, is based in Barcelona and has offices in Madrid. It is the leading early stage VC investing in Spain and Portugal through specialized vehicles.

Airning to Tackle Flight Disruption with Disruptive Technology

Flight delays are deeply frustrating. The endless wait in the airport may be boring, but the knock-on impact for missed connections, wasted journeys and unattended meetings is especially costly. There is some upside – it is often possible to claim

The Internet of Everything

It started with our computers. Suddenly all of our PCs were networked and we were surfing the information super highway with gusto. Then it was our phones. Becoming increasingly untethered from our PCs, smartphones that could surf the internet gave

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