Airning to Tackle Flight Disruption with Disruptive Technology

Flight delays are deeply frustrating. The endless wait in the airport may be boring, but the knock-on impact for missed connections, wasted journeys and unattended meetings is especially costly. There is some upside – it is often possible to claim

The Internet of Everything

It started with our computers. Suddenly all of our PCs were networked and we were surfing the information super highway with gusto. Then it was our phones. Becoming increasingly untethered from our PCs, smartphones that could surf the internet gave

The Opportunity for Budding AI Startups in China

As China steps onto the world stage as *the* de facto leader in AI research, we are preparing to take an in-depth look at the technology and its applications at 4YFN Shanghai.

Pitch Perfect: How to Hook Your Investor

The only thing more important for a startup business than the right introduction is having a honed, compelling pitch. Some of the brightest startups can (and do!) fail, not because of the technologies behind them, but because of their failure

Elevoc Prove to be Worthy Winners of Last Year’s 4YFN Shanghai Awards

Last year, the 4YFN Shanghai Awards was a tight contest among some of the most innovative startups we have seen yet. The standout startup was Elevoc, which won the prize with its AI-based noise reduction solution.

April 2019 Investor of the month: Cathay Innovation

Denis BARRIER is Co-founder and CEO of Cathay Innovation, a global venture capital fund, aiming to invest in visionary digital entrepreneurs to help them accelerate and become global leaders.

April 2019 Startup of the month: Nanolock Security

4YFN 2019 Award winner Israeli startup NanoLock Security has created a new cloud-to-flash approach to security protection and management of edge devices in the IoT for applications such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles, telcos, and industry 4.0.

5 Reasons Shanghai 2019 is the Place to Start Your Chinese Journey

The road to China can be an intimidating one for international startups, but like many investment decisions, the opportunities can far outweigh the risks.

4YFN19 Startup of the Year: I’m the Kardashian of the Security Industry!

When Nanolock’s founder Eran Fine hacked a camera feed live on stage to demonstrate the vulnerability of connected devices, the audience was captivated. Having clearly shown the problem, Eran had perfectly set the scene for presenting his scalable solution to

Coworking spaces will become the centrepieces of communities around the world

OneCoWork is more than a coworking space currently based in Barcelona. It is a community bringing together innovation, collaboration and creativity across its three locations in the heart of the city and has big plans to roll out its offering

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