4YFN Banco Sabadell Stage

Banks and startups: competitors and collaborators

Mobile, and technology in general, is disrupting many industries. One, without a doubt, is financial services. Under the name of FinTech, financial technology startups are changing many aspects associated with banks and other institution, from the way they operate internally to the way they approach consumers and their clients.

How mobile is transforming the sharing economy

What’s the next frontier for the sharing economy? Increasingly on-demand purchases, seamless transactions, more types of products being “shared”  and, of course, everything facilitated by mobile.

Do a good deed and get rewarded!

We can now reveal the concepts for The Social Coin challenge during 4YFN are Connect, Inspire and Ignite.
Each day will present its own challenge and each day, we ask that you conduct a good deed (or as many as you wish) within that challenge category, to be part of a new and exciting social experiment. 

Pitch like a Rockstart at 4YFN!

Take advantage of thos special opportunity to shine in front of investors and join us in this special training to help you in your pitch!!! 
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