Menorca Millennials: a unique way to decelerate startups

Startup accelerators are all over the place. For a few years it seemed as if a new accelerator was being launched in Europe every single week. Things have calmed down significantly in recent times, as the European entrepreneurship ecosystem matures and the market corrects itself.

Hyperloop’s unique approach to bring and retain talent

German-born Dirk Ahlborn is the CEO of Hyerloop, one of the most ambitious technology companies in the world, which is developing a high speed intercity transporter using a low pressure tube and train that can travel as fast as 970 km/h.
4YFN Banco Sabadell Stage

Banks and startups: competitors and collaborators

Mobile, and technology in general, is disrupting many industries. One, without a doubt, is financial services. Under the name of FinTech, financial technology startups are changing many aspects associated with banks and other institution, from the way they operate internally to the way they approach consumers and their clients.

How mobile is transforming the sharing economy

What’s the next frontier for the sharing economy? Increasingly on-demand purchases, seamless transactions, more types of products being “shared”  and, of course, everything facilitated by mobile.
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