Mr Bubo

Mr-Bubo returns to Smart City Expo with 4YFN for the 2nd year in a row!

We are extremely pleased to announce that one of our exhibitors from last year, Mr-Bubo will be joining our startup delegation once again during the renowned Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), an event that takes place annually in Barcelona in November. This year the congress aims to attract over 17,000 attendees from 650 cities worldwide. Visitors range from investors and entrepreneurs to government representatives and town and country planners.

For the third year running, 4YFN will bring a selection of the smartest startups to showcase their smart city solutions to experts from all over the world, with the main goal to get their product recognised and eventually, implemented into cities globally. SCEWC 2017 takes place from 14 – 16 November 2017 at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona.

When we found out the news that Mr-Bubo were joining us for round 2, we wanted to find out a bit more about why they decided to attend again this year and what has happened for the company since last years’ event. Here is what they had to say…


“We first heard about 4YFN when an executive of one of our parent companies visited Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona back in 2015. He visited the 4YFN Smart City Village and realised then that it was key for us to be part of 4YFN in order to gain traction and visibility to our platform.

To summarise, our platform basically allows efficient event management by simplifying an organisation’s (either public or private) processes, promoting active participation from citizens and communities.

Since the recommendation by the executive, we have exhibited with 4YFN as part of their Smart City Village delegation at the SCEWC 2016 edition and I must tell you, it was an incredible experience! We not only got to meet (and have kept in touch with) some amazing startups who can offer some fantastic potential partnerships for our platform, but we also got the opportunity to connect with, and build on some great prospects with possible clients and partners from different parts of the world.  

In fact, since our participation we’ve signed a commercial partnership agreement to distribute our platform in the SADC (South African Development Community) area. The agreement allows us to implement Mr-Bubo for the first time in local African governments,  as our partner is currently working with municipalities from South Africa and Zimbabwe.  This important partnership started from meeting consultants from a private African company at our booth during our time with 4YFN at SCEWC 2016. We kept in regular contact after the event until we came up with this partnership agreement. We are extremely happy with the outcome.

This year we will be exhibiting again with 4YFN at SCEWC 2017 after the worthwhile business we received from last year’s event. We plan to show off our platform with its new features and implementations that we’ve worked on over the past year to show how much it has grown, plus we are hoping to continue growing our partnerships with governments and companies from all over the world by making new business contacts during the next event.

The pitching on stage was a great experience for us and I would strongly recommend to any startup, that the person doing the pitch should take time to prepare beforehand as timing and pace is key in order to capture your audience’s attention. A great Powerpoint presentation helps, but focus should be in what you are saying. Basically, the slides should only be there to help your audience visualise your points.

Some advice to any new startups participating with 4YFN at Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 would be to actively take part in the pitching sessions as well as the networking sessions to get in touch with potential clients and investors. For us, this was an essential part of the package and we will take full advantage of this opportunity again during the next event. See you in a couple of months’ time!”


4YFN at Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2017 takes place in Barcelona from 14 – 16 November 2017. If you would like to exhibit with us, get in contact here. For investor queries, reach us here.