Interview with 4YFN Americas Startup of the Year 2017: MobiPromo

The “4YFN Americas Startup of the Year 2018” Award focuses on accelerating business development and the investment of new technologies within the startup community.

Five startups will be pre-selected as finalists to showcase their latest innovation on the 4YFN Stage during 4YFN at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles from 12 – 14 September 2018.

The judges will select the final winner who will be awarded as ‘4YFN Americas Startup of the Year’ and will receive exclusive opportunities alongside a 3-day free exhibition booth during 4YFN at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona!

Now that we’ve opened the door to scout for our top 5 finalists for the 2018 edition, we thought we would catch up with the winner from last years’ “4YFN Americas Startup of the Year 2017”, to share with us their success and what tips they have for entrepreneurs thinking to apply for this year…

We caught up with MobiPromo – a Hong Kong based startup that has revolutionised mobile marketing by offering enterprise level wifi marketing and monetisation solutions – to find out more….


MobiPromo has been at the forefront when it comes to wifi proximity marketing technology and has achieved many new developments and successes since the start in 2015.  

As a startup, to be picked and be able to participate in the ‘4YFN Americas Startup of the Year’ Awards is extremely important in order to gain recognition and acknowledgement that your company is a serious one and has a good product.

During big shows, such as 4YFN, you are one of many startups trying to get your product/service noticed, however to make real noise and get true recognition, you need to be on the big stage pitching and telling the world about your company, making the difference to achieve your optimal goals to sell and to get new customers, building a larger network of alliances and constantly evolving further!

Since winning the ‘4YFN Americas Startup of the Year’ Award in San Francisco last year, we decided to advance into blockchain technology and four months later we did a successful ICO and released the world’s first wifi blockchain solution!

We sold 10,000 units within 7 and a half minutes of its release and a total of 30,000 units within days!

Today our token “CAN” (Content And AD Network) is traded on several exchanges, including top listed “OKEX” where we trade on average between 200 – 800 million tokens daily!

Plus, not long after winning the ‘4YFN Americas Startup of the Year’ Award, we signed an agreement with a NASDAQ stock market listed company – Iclicks – to utilise their network of ad sales, channeling into our wifi network, as well as providing a successful installation into 18 train lines in China, assisting journeys to and from Tibet.

My piece of advice to all entrepreneurs out there would be:

  • Stay on course, evolve with new technology and don’t give up!
  • Never stop learning and adapting, and always find new ways to make your service or product even more relevant to your market.
  • Do your research and find good partners to work with.


As part of our prize, we got to exhibit during 4YFN at Mobile World Congress Barcelona this year. We had a great experience in Barcelona and we took the time to study not only the awards finalists, but to seek new friends and partnerships. For us it’s very important to find new channels and ideas to make sure we can bring more value to our customers since they embraced their trust and time to work with us.

We will definitely be back for another 4YFN edition in the future. The exposure from being on the 4YFN main stage and winning the award, has really helped to propel our company to the next level and we would recommend to anyone to apply and put your startup forwards for the awards this year!


4YFN at Mobile World Congress Americas will take place in Los Angeles from 12 – 14 September 2018.

Apply to the “4YFN Americas Startup of the Year 2018” Award by 26 July here.