Driving Climate Resilience: Uniting Innovators for a Greener Future at 4YFN

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, affecting both humanity and the world’s biodiversity. We believe much can still be saved if we work together across disciplines, geographies and markets. 
4YFN brings together innovators, climate advocates and changemakers from across industries and sectors in a conversation about paving the way to climate resilience and a greener future.
Join us to discover revolutionary technologies and models in areas like mobility, energy, consumerism, agrifood and others, and reflect on how they stand to benefit our planet and society.


GSMA Mobile for Development present: Meet the GSMA Innovation Fund Portfolio Startups

The GSMA Innovation Fund provides equity free grant funding and assistance to test digital innovations with positive socio-economic or environmental impact in emerging economies. Join this session to meet portfolio startups and hear from Philippe Bellordre, Head of the GSMA Innovation Fund, about how we support digital innovations in emerging markets.