Forget the abs, get working on your APPS! Top 5 APPS this summer!

We may already be in the midst of summer and for you lucky ones out there who are already on their summer vacation this article can be of particular interest to you.

Here in the 4YFN office, we searched, tested and whittled down the 5 best apps that we could find that would help to improve your summer this year.

Whether you need ‘inside’ local information to dig out those hidden holiday gems or simply a different approach to (let’s just say) sustain your beach body, then we have your answers right here, and more! So, take a look at our top picks!


BC Tent Finder

Ever been to a festival, you’ve been out partying, it’s got dark and you suddenly realise, you have NO IDEA where you left your tent!?  Well, then….this is the app for you!

BC Tent Finder is an absolute godsend when you are trying to locate your tent amongst thousands of others in the dark.

The app uses GPS to allow you to mark where your tent is, as well as other locations, such as your car….after all, we all know how tedious it is when you leave a festival site tired, just wishing you could teleport yourself home and then you have the dreaded next step of remembering where you left your car.

BC Tent Finder saves you from all this hassle. All you need to do is open the app and it will guide you back using a directional arrow. You can also share your location information with your friends or family. BC Tent Finder only works on iPhones, but there’s an Android version called Festival Buddy.


Zombies, Run!

There are those (whom I envy)  that can motivate themselves to get their butts down to the local gym or simply go for a run a few times a week in order to better their health or just better their mindfulness. And then there are others, who may need a bit more of a push, or to be chased for that matter!

That’s where Zombies, Run! comes in. Basically, you plug in your headphones and start running. This app transforms your grueling workout into a stimulating audio adventure, fighting for survival against a mob of zombies. Run around the annihilated city collecting supplies in order to avoid the ravenous hordes. If that doesn’t get you moving, I don’t know what will.



You enter a new city with not a lot of knowledge about the place….what next? Download the engaging audio tour guide app Detour and learn about important landmarks, areas and famous avenues from locals who know it best. The immersive audio walks can show you a side of the city that even natives rarely see.



Just arrived in town and looking for somewhere to stay but everywhere is either full or too expensive? Then why not try using the Overnight app.

Like Airbnb, Overnight connects travellers with hosts who might have a room in their house or a spare apartment for the night. The difference is that it’s built for same-day stays and it’s cheap, meaning it’s great for backpackers or those that travel spontaneously.



You’re on your holiday and you’ve reached your destination with countless tips from friends or acquaintances on what to see and where to go whilst you’re there.  But, you still feel like a total tourist! You visit all the recommended museums, galleries and places of interest but you want to find those secret hideouts that no one else knows about. You want to know where the locals eat and drink and where they hang out late into the evening.

The guys at TripUniq feel exactly the same way and have created a travel app that connects you with local experts. These local experts will create personalised itineraries for you based on your preferences, allowing you to live more like a local and enjoy a more authentic experience.


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