FIWARE technology enhances the development of IoT enabled smart solutions

4YFN is a partner of the IMPACT Growth acceleration programme. As part of the programme, the selected startups can benefit from using FIWARE technology. Therefore, we wanted to find out from FIWARE what exactly the benefits are and why is it so needed in this day and age. Here is what they had to say…


So what exactly is FIWARE technology?

“FIWARE is market-ready open source software that drives key standards for the development of IoT enabled smart solutions making it faster, easier and cheaper.

A smart app is the one that gathers context information from many sources (IoT networks, systems, end users) and compiles it together, presenting a description of the context that it is managing. This context information evolves over time, so managed context information (current and historic) is processed and analysed to implement the intelligent behaviour that is expected from a smart solution/app.

The existence of a common standard API for context information management, with common context information models is crucial for the development of smart solutions. FIWARE solves this need with the FIWARE NGSI API, which is increasingly being adopted by multiple organisations as a de-facto standard.


There are many open source solutions out there, so why should a startup choose FIWARE?

FIWARE’s competitive advantage relies on the Context Management Information standard API. This allows a bigger market for startups, solution providers, integrators or companies to collaborate easier with third parties.

FIWARE goes beyond traditional open source communities. It supports acceleration programmes for startups and scale-ups, allowing them to use the technology. It enables activity between cross-sector global organisations, empowering civic initiatives and bringing together local support.

‘Powered by FIWARE’ and ‘FIWARE-ready’ labels will help entrepreneurs to gain visibility and credibility which are essential to build partnerships in order to reach out into the market.

In addition, the FIWARE Marketplace serves the purpose of globally disseminating existing commercial offerings around FIWARE.
We strongly believe in helping the FIWARE community to promote their business by bringing them the space to advertise their solutions and to meet their target customers.”


What is FIWARE offering startups taking part in the Impact Growth acceleration programme?

“We are giving them the opportunity to be part of a big community and the possibility to expose their business in our marketplace. The bigger the community, the better the benefits will be!

Plus, as part of the acceleration programme, selected startups will receive mentoring and support in adopting FIWARE technologies to boost their business. This is on top of the €250k equity free funding that IMPACT Growth is offering, is a fantastic opportunity for startups!”


Why is it important that developers start to incorporate this technology into their solutions?

“With FIWARE we are trying to create an ecosystem as the same nature as Android – thus being focused on the development of smart solutions. In this ecosystem, startups and SMEs, (not just big companies) can find incentives to invest and materialise their vision. The potential of such a big market should be a real incentive to them. With harmonised data models and information standards, apps can interoperate easily. For instance, a smart navigation app developer can improve their app or modify it by adding real time information from different cities, enrich the app thanks to the context information management and get insights from other solutions. This is only possible thanks to this common language.”


Can you share with us any startup success stories that have applied FIWARE technology?

“We have startups using our technologies such as: FIWARE ready technologies, FIWARE IoT Ready Devices and Powered by FIWARE Solutions. There are several ways to take advantage of this technology. Each solution has its own identity, therefore it only requires using a common, standard way to process and manage information.

We do not have “unicorns”, we are trying to create a new market, a new standard revolution like the one of GSM (Global System for Mobile communications).

An Italian startup, Tera used our FIWARE technology to solve the fragmented IoT home energy market. You can read about it here.

You can see other startups listed below that have incorporated our FIWARE technology into their solutions. You can watch their products here:


We also have some recent testimonials from some startups that attended the recent 4YFN Barcelona event in February this year, as part of the IMPACT Growth delegation, who are currently using our technology. Here is what they had to say about us:


‘Working with free tools, software and data of experiments from other organisations not only improves innovation, but also allows companies to focus their resources in work areas that might not be available without this kind of support. The best part is having the option to use the environment of the FIWARE Lab for experimentation.’ says Situm.

Glamping Hub confirms that ‘it’s an open source system where you can take the enablers and adapt them to your needs. We even had the opportunity to upload an adaptation to the FIWARE ecosystem’.

‘We have integrated FIWARE in some applications using Avatar VR, our most advanced device. Our aim is to make the technology accessible to everyone. This encouraged us to make our technology ready for FIWARE developers’ says NeuroDigital.

Measurance adds ‘we believe that Europe needs to fill a gap of technology innovation and uniformisation, and continuing to push innovation in FIWARE will help us achieve that goal.’”


What is the best way for startups to find out more about using the FIWARE technology?

“Sign up to the IMPACT Growth acceleration programme and you can start using our technology as part of your programme, or you can visit us at and join the FIWARE foundation!”


Which sectors are relevant for the use of FIWARE technology?

The sectors that FIWARE is relevant in, include the following:


Smart Agrifood

IoT in food and farming needs to integrate smart sensing and monitoring, smart control, smart analysis and planning into a global open platform with an open IoT platform that is customisable, configurable and event driven. Here ´smart´ means controlling and improving production in farming and agriculture with the use of technology.


Smart Industry & Industry 4.0

The creation of smart digital systems that connects people by connecting their digital personas, through sensors and other devices.

The hyper-connected vision around Industry 4.0, an IoT-enabled industrial internet data space, brings together contextual data from different parts, which requires opening up the service platform layer, by using industry-friendly open source standard platform components like the ones FIWARE is providing.

Such approach allows the fast, cost-effective and sustainable creation of new and innovative digital services and products, eventually being moved from the platform layer to the application and market layer.


Smart Cities 4.0, fiware technology

FIWARE open source nature helps cities to avoid vendor lock-in and protects their investment. FIWARE is the platform providing access to real-time contextual information that describes what is going on in the city. It enables the ability to process, analyse and publish historic and current information in order to achieve a better management of municipal services and bring support to an economy of data.

Making a city “smart” means turning your city into an ICT enabler for innovation, economic growth and well-being. By adopting common standards and information models, cities can achieve this transformation with minimum impact, merging forces to build an ecosystem where they can connect and collaborate. This enables the creation of solutions that can be adapted and replicated for the needs of each city, building a sustainable digital single market for smart cities.”


The IMPACT Growth acceleration programme is currently seeking startups that offer solutions within Smart AgriFood, Smart Cities, Smart Content and Smart Manufacturing, therefore the collaboration between FIWARE and IMPACT Growth is extremely useful to the startups that apply as the technology is very relevant to them.

If you are interested in finding out more about FIWARE technology and the IMPACT Growth acceleration programme, we have a free info session in Barcelona on Monday 24 April. You can sign up here.

Alternatively, please visit the IMPACT Growth website to find out more about the acceleration programmes available, or visit the FIWARE website.